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Entering the UFarmer world allows you to live a unique experience, personal and signed by you. With UFarmer you can adopt your vineyard, your olive grove, the plants that make up your digital field, a single barrel or a selected number of bottles; you’ll have the opportunity to follow the growth of selected crops, digitally participate in the different stages of production and customize the packaging and label of your DOP reserve.

Once ready, you’ll receive the Italian food and wine excellence selected by you, strictly controlled in the quality chain. UFarmer is a unique and inimitable experience, an exceptional story to tell and share with family and friends.

The digital farmer experience



Discover our farms and their production, create your digital field.



Monitor the progress of your adoptions and cultivate your bond with the territory.



Make your reserve unique by personalizing the label or even the packaging.



Drive to the farm for harvest or schedule shipping to your home.

Why adopt

On the UFarmer marketplace you don’t just buy bottles of excellent wine or liters of quality oil, UFarmer sells the experience, the ability to adopt that row of vineyards or that olive grove that will produce Italian excellence.


UFarmer believes in the development of sustainability, to offer products that reflect Italian food and wine excellence.


Adopters can digitally follow the different stages of production and product preparation, becoming a Digital Farmer.

Certain origin

Once the vineyard row or the olive grove has been adopted, you obtain a certificate attesting the origin of the production and confirming its control.


The adoption allows you to live a unique and exclusive experience that has the ultimate goal of obtaining Italian food and wine excellence.


The adoption allows to obtain a customization in the label and packaging of the final product, making it unique and inimitable.

High quality

Through UFarmer you can adopt rows of vineyards and olive groves that produce Italian food and wine excellence known throughout the world.

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Are you a professional?

Are you a producer?

Are you a small producer and do you care about the quality of your product? UFarmer offers the opportunity to sell your production as a quality product, sheltered from price battles. With UFarmer you can finance your business, retain customers through adoption, reach an exclusive target and get free services.

Are you a corporate/company/professional?

Are you a small to medium business? A professional studio? A consulting firm? UFarmer, vertical marketplace created to enhance Italian food and wine excellence, is the ideal solution to create personalized gifts, unique and exclusive for your network.


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