UFarmer, as a digital and vertical marketplace, offers you adoptions of rows of vineyards or olive groves to obtain a unique Italian food and wine excellence and customized in the packaging and label according to your requests.

We are the right choice for your needs

If you want to combine your brand with Italian food and wine excellence, known all over the world, UFarmer is the right choice for you. If you adopt a row of vineyards or an olive grove you can digitally follow the different stages of production, customize the packaging and sign the label, to offer your customers a unique and inimitable product, result of an experience that puts your business at the center of the production process of an Italian excellence.

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Why collaborate together?

If you choose to join UFarmer, in addition to offering your customers different Italian food and wine excellence customized by you, you can get several benefits including:


Through UFarmer you can propose to your customers Italian food and wine excellences known all over the world.

New markets

By offering Italian food and wine excellence, personalized and unique, you can expand your business and reach new customers.

Advance payments

UFarmer operates through adoptions; after payment you can digitally follow your adoption and enjoy your production without thinking about any outstanding balances.

Right price

UFarmer acts as an intermediary between the producer and the final customer to ensure that both parties can sell and buy at the right market price.


UFarmer hosts in its marketplace several producers of oil and wine, giving the customer the opportunity to compare and varied choice.

Free services

By joining UFarmer you can digitally follow the different stages of production and preparation of the gastronomic excellence adopted.

Our producers

Discover who has already chosen to rely on UFarmer to propose excellence of the Italian culinary tradition to its customers:


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