UFarmer, the first marketplace of Italian agri-food excellence, was born from the idea of a group of entrepreneurs and top managers, Italians and lovers of food and wine excellence of our territory, combining their respective visions in the service of a new and engaging model: UFarmer.

Who is UFarmer?

UFarmer is identified as a vertical marketplace, designed to enhance the excellence of Italian wine and agri-food directly joining the final consumer and the producer in an engaging, personalized and exclusive. On UFarmer you don’t just buy a bottle of fine wine or a liter of EVO PDO oil but you “symbolically adopt” the row of vines or the olive grove from which the final product comes, buying the production.

The final customer can follow and participate digitally in all stages of processing and preparation, starting from the ground to continue in the cellar or in the mill, thus becoming in effect a digital producer, a “Digital Farmer”. The product that UFarmer offers can be customized in its label and packaging, thus becoming unique, inimitable and “signed” by the end customer.

The beginning

UFarmer was born in July 2020 as an “innovative startup” and launched on the market its version 1.0 of the website in December 2020. The initial idea comes from a group of entrepreneurs, passionate about Italian food and wine excellence and with the desire to enhance them; combining their skills give life to the first vertical marketplace of the Italian DOP economy.

In October 2021 the release of version 2.0 takes place, which is strengthened in its use by mobile, in order to always access your profile and monitor the progress of the selected adoption. In conjunction with the second launch, there is also the official presentation of the project to industry operators and the wider public during the Milan Wine Week; UFarmer is also cited and analyzed by  Il Sole 24 Ore and Consul Press, as news on the Italian food and wine market and a phenomenon in strong growth and expansion.

In December 2023 is released version 3.0, completely renewed and facilitated in the use and use of the service, is improved the payment system and the scope of the website, with the aim of making the final consumer experience engaging and exciting; the end result becomes, thus, an object of sharing with family and friends, because what you get is the result of your virtual harvest.

Who is UFarmer for?

UFarmer is aimed at individual connoisseurs and enthusiasts of Italian food and wine excellence who want to invest in projects to enhance the Italian DOP economy; small and medium-sized enterprises, professional studios and consulting companies that intend to create unique and personalized gifts for their network of customers; to restaurateurs who want to offer customers a line of personalized and quality products.

UFarmer is also aimed at producers who care about the quality of their product and want to expand their sales network and customers interested in Italian food and wine excellence.

UFarmer is proposed as the first aggregator of Italian food and wine excellence, adoptable and customizable. There are farms that have already successfully experienced their adoption, but before UFarmer there was no platform that allowed a geolocation on the Italian territory and a grouping by type of product.

In September 2023 joined the project of UFarmer 17 producers of Oil and Wine for a total of about 50 products available, all already on the current site, to which will be added about 20 other companies by 2024 to reach the coverage of the main regions and territories of Italian excellence.

UFarmer offers excellent products, is close to manufacturers and offers the possibility to end customers to digitally follow the growth and preparation of their product. What you find on UFarmer is an Italian gastronomic excellence and customizable, with a particular attention to quality and style.