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F.lli Bonanno - Olio EVO "Biancolilla" IGP 500ml 2024

Deliveries starting at January 2025

(Protected Geographical Indication) and passionately produced by the Fratelli Bonanno farm, represents an authentic sensory experience and a connection with Sicilian tradition.

This olive variety is typical of western Sicily and takes its name from the characteristic change in color of the drupes during the ripening cycle. Initially, the drupes are light green, gradually transforming into a reddish color during full ripening.

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  • Typology: Olio Extravergine di Oliva IGP
  • Cultivar: Monocultivar Biancolilla
  • Taste: Medium-intensity fruity flavor. Excellent balance with a finish of fresh almond and ripe almond.
  • Color and shades: Warm green color with golden yellow reflections.
  • Acidity: Very low
  • Perfumes and scents: Persistent almond and herbaceous notes
  • Grinding / Estraction: HARVESTING TECHNIQUE: Hand-picking. EXTRACTION METHOD: Cold pressing, within 12 hours of harvesting.
  • Pairings: Ideal for finishing off grand dishes, to enhance all flavors, excellent with fish and shellfish as well as salads and legumes.
  • Details / Anecdotes: A typical cultivar of western Sicily, its name derives from the characteristic color change of the drupe during the ripening cycle. Indeed, during this period, it transitions from an initially light green color to a reddish color at peak ripeness.
  • Awards: Silver medal obtained at the prestigious IOOC (among the top 5 olive oil competitions in the world ranking).



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